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Energise your students with a unique hands on experience to inspire creativity and understanding.
Platty + is based on the shores of Derwentwater, the beautiful fjord land of the Lake District, the home of the “Gift of the Gael”, our Viking Longship and our tented encampment.

Unique, action packed activities, out in the real environment, offering students a creative vision of the Vikings, who sailed the seas and settled in the Lake District, bringing their culture, language and amongst other things the now famous Herdwick sheep.

Endless opportunities for creative writing, history and culture, science, design and technology. What better way to truly learn than to be physically part of it.

A 3 1/2 hour experience.


Oars + Sails

Journey on beautiful Derwentwater – Queen of the Lakes – in the Gift of the Gael, our very own Viking Ship.

Discover the thrill of sailing and full action of rowing – all down to your team and how they work together.

Could you survive the journey from there? To here!!

How did they build them?

What’s in a name – are you a Viking?


Warriors + Shields

Meet a traditionally dressed warrior.

Come dressed as a Viking or try our Viking style clothing.

Create your own shield design, based around stories, sagas and mythology.

Do you have the strength to be a warrior?


Oats to bake

Could you survive the day on the food the Vikings ate?

Use our traditional equipment (quern) to grind oats.

Make oat biscuits and cook on a bakestone or our authentic fire range.

Vital flavourings.


Life in a Viking settlement or slave camp.

Visit our Viking tent.

How do they light a fire?

Telemark – Latest hair styling!

Viking fashion victim – what fabrics to use.

Eric the Viking

Thousands of photo opportunities –bring a camera for an essential record of your visit.

Call us to discuss a programme and we will send you a quote or you can book on to one of our scheduled events.



We had a fantastic day with you and the children have come away with a raft of knowledge about the VikingsMaryport Junior School ~ Alex
Thank you all so much for two excellent and fantastically informative days with you on. The children have learnt so much from the brilliant stories and hands on activities that they’ve done with you all. Thanks so much, see you next time!Ashfield Junior School, Workington ~ Claire Smits
Thank you for a fantastic day.St Agnes School, Ryton, Tyne and Wear ~ Nadia Pinnella
We had a fantastic time. Kids said it was the best trip ever!Westfield Nursrey and Primary School ~ Workington ~ Alison Heywood
Both of our Year 5 classes had such a super time with you, thank you for making learning about the Vikings so much fun!Stanwix School ~Carlisle ~ Miss Bowden, Mrs Blain, Mrs. Davidson, Miss Bland, Mrs. Grieve
Thank you so much for an amazing Viking trip I learned a lot. I am very scared of boats but you all made me excited about it.

Thank you for an awesome Viking food lesson.  My favourite part was using the quern and eating delicious oat cakes.

My favourite parts were decorating shields with chalk and making sparks with the flint and steel.

Year 5 Children ~ Stanwix School ~ Carlisle

Thank you so much – kids had a great time and the staff loved it too!
Another huge success – so wonderful to get them out of the classroom and really learning!Tess ~ Stanwix School ~ Carlisle
Just a quick message to say how much we enjoyed yesterday!
The activities were just superb and pitched so well for the age group of our class.
The children’s parents reported back this morning that they had been full of excitement about the day when they got home.
Also, from a staff perspective, we felt like we got to enjoy the day too (not always the case on school trips which are often a bit fraught with stress!).
The time went by so quickly and that was thanks to the amazing delivery, organisation and activities from you and the team.
I would love to bring the class again when we next do the Vikings topic.Katie - Cross Crake School

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