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If you want to look “cool” SUPing is the way forward.
Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is where you stand on a stable surf board and propelling yourself along with an elongated canoe paddle.

SUP allows you to get a whole new perspective on the “awesome” waterscape that is Derwentwater.
It is the latest must do sport available to everyone, all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities, and contrary to popular belief it does not need to involve falling in the water all the time.

You can have a go either independently, in a group or try our “Monster”. This colossus of a board has to be seen to be believed. It can take up to 6 people, “what a hoot” all paddling without unbalancing each other!! For a smaller group this is the ultimate in stability. Take the kids or Granddad, they wouldn’t even need to paddle. Ideal for those with special needs.

Along with the “Monster” we have a range of different sized boards to cater for all.

You can hire SUP’s for any period from 1 hour to a whole day. Whether you want to cover some distance or you just want to explore the nooks and crannies. SUP – a truly amazing experience.

Never been on a board before? We recommend having some basic tuition, a taster session with one of our qualified staff, will get you going in no time. As a British Canoeing Quality Mark Activity Provider you can also book on to one of our GO Canoeing Guided Tours.
Our experience and knowledge of the lake, along with access to safety boats, allows us to offer you a range of experiences, in most weather conditions.



SUP has been around a long time. Many ancient peoples used a variety of craft to stand in/on and propel themselves with long sticks.
For nearly 3000 years, Peruvian fishermen have used a craft made from reeds and paddled with a bamboo pole much like a kayak paddle. After a day’s fishing they would return to shore surfing the waves for fun. This is possibly the root of all surfing let along SUP.

Modern SUP has its roots in 1940’s Hawaii where pioneering surf instructors would take paddles on their surfboards so they could stand on their boards to view their students and the incoming swells. They would then surf in using their paddles to steer.


Thanks to you all for a great morning of activities lots of Wallace and Gromit smiles all round and demons put to rest
Very friendly informative and relaxed from start to finish
We will be back and will spread the word about your lovely businessJill Eccleston - Head Coach -
Many thanks to Ryan who got our children Paddle Boarding. A great lesson in perfect surroundings!

Looking forward to our next visit.Alex, Lauren, Nick and Kay Williams

Just to say a big thank you for the paddle boarding tuition.
We had a great time and will see you again.John Newhouse
We always love going to Plattyplus, its such a perfect part of the world – always a highlight of our trips to the Lakes.Jane McDowell

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