Raft Build


What better way to get on the water as a team than to build your own craft from a stack of barrels and poles plus a bucket of rope.
Have fun and compete against each other.

This event for 8 to 20 people, at a time, requires working as a team, problem solving, management skills, design and construction and the application of acquired skills.

The instructor will show you how to tie a few simple knots and talk you through designing a stable platform. Once built you will launch your raft on to the lake for a race. Our experience and knowledge of the lake along with access to safety boats allows us to offer you a range of experiences in most weather conditions.

kevin kayak


In the car on the way home from our holiday, some days after Platty+, Niamh and Sophie both rated Platty+ as the highlight of our trip and cant wait to come back next year.Russ
We always love going to Plattyplus, its such a perfect part of the world – always a highlight of our trips to the Lakes.Jane McDowell

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