In a kayak the paddler is seated in a cockpit and uses a two-blade paddle.
Paddle your own kayak to enjoy total independence in a single or team up with a partner in a double and head off to explore the beautiful panorama of Derwentwater.

We use a range of touring kayaks, singles and doubles and we even have a couple of junior kayaks for the kids. These are ideal for use on the lake either for hire or tuition.

You can hire kayaks for any period from 1 hour to a whole day. Whether you want to cover some distance or you just want to bob around, the kayak offers a cheap and fun way of getting out there.

As a British Canoeing Quality Mark Activity Provider we also offer tuition, with our qualified staff either as a one off taster session or part of a more formal certificated course or book on to one of our GO Canoeing Guided Tours.

The session can be tailored for your needs, both in time and content. So whether you are looking for guidance on particular skills, or just someone to make your time on the water more fun, we have the session for you. Our experience and knowledge of the lake along with access to safety boats allows us to offer you a range of experiences in most weather conditions.

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Kayaks were first created by the Inuit, an artic people. The first kayaks were made from a wooden frame covered in sealskin. They included a small hole in the middle craft for the user to sit in and were primarily used for hunting. These early kayaks varied greatly in design from region to region.

The materials used to make kayaks have changed significantly over the years. With the craft’s adoption by European settlers, canvas replaced the sealskin covering. This method continued until the 1950’s when fibreglass was introduced, and then in 1984, the first plastic kayak was made. Now a days, kayaks are sturdy, light, and very versatile.


We treated our two girls to an afternoons kayaking on Monday 6th August and would like to thank you all for a brilliant time. Niamh and Sophie were the girls in question and even after their experience they were still full of excitement. Emma, The Instructor who accompanied them was brilliant too, and made sure the girls got the most out of their two hour kayak sessionNiamh, Sophie, Russ & Bev
In the car on the way home from our holiday, some days after Platty+, Niamh and Sophie both rated Platty+ as the highlight of our trip and cant wait to come back next year.Russ
We just wanted to thank you for the great kayak tuition we hadSandra and Rob Parry
We always love going to Plattyplus, its such a perfect part of the world – always a highlight of our trips to the Lakes.Jane McDowell

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